About the Professional Services Relocation Project

The primary purpose of the Professional Services Relocation Project (PSR) is to create a single, modern, effective and efficient base for the majority of the University’s Professional Services.

In creating this single base, it is anticipated that traditional discipline and department silos will be softened, with colleagues moving to a one team approach.

This co-location will markedly improve the potential for strong communication and collaborative working, growing trust and confidence in colleagues enabling initiatives such as single University-wide record systems and a golden copy principle for the use and dissemination of data and information.

The new single location will be complemented by a Town Centre Hub focal point for interaction between town based staff and students as well as housing some Professional Services within St Andrews. This facility may link with or to high quality, more public spaces in which prospective students, visiting guests or parents can be welcomed.

Overall, this approach will release a significant amount of space in the Town Centre, currently used by Professional Services, for research and teaching to alleviate immediate and future space needs.  There will also be the opportunity to create new and imaginative spaces to support learning and study.

An ancillary benefit of moving staff to the Eden Campus will be the creation of a critical mass of activity on the site that will complement and support the wider development of the Campus as a centre of innovation, providing a bridge to connect academics with industry, to move ideas and know-how more quickly from the laboratory to the market in facilities that the University’s Town Centre asset base could not accommodate.

Derek Watson
Quaestor and Factor

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