Eden Campus furniture

Eden Campus furniture – the future is here with adjustable desks, genius tables and more…

The Space Planning Team in Estates has been working to find the perfect furniture solutions for our new home at Eden Campus. Team members have trialled many different styles and finishes of furniture in their busy pilot office, making sure each desk, table, chair and storage unit match up to their exacting standards.

The team is keen for as many staff as possible to come and see the space for themselves. Team members have already welcomed colleagues from all over the University to the pilot office, including HR, IT, BTPO and several more. 

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. This is absolutely fantastic news, and is testament to the great work being done by the Space Planning Team.

So why not take a look for yourself? If you would like to drop by, please contact Caitlin at cab32@st-andrews.ac.uk to book a time for your visit.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of the furniture currently on trial at the pilot office:

Sit stand, or height adjustable, desks can offer a new and different workspace as well as being beneficial for health and wellbeing.
This large ‘Genius’ table has been trialled in place of two desks. It provides easy-to-access informal meeting space and ‘touchdown’ workspace. (Note: you don’t have to be a genius to sit at it!)
There are also sliding door storage units for your essential work files.
Desk pedestals have been replaced with lockers to allow everyone complete freedom of movement around the space. Personal storage boxes – displayed here on top of the lockers – will allow colleagues to transport their belongings from the locker to their workspace.

7 thoughts on “Eden Campus furniture

  1. Adjustable desks are fine but not so good for people at the other side of the desk. It will get noisy and distracting (more so with an open plan area).

    The table arrangement wouldn’t suit any of my team and none of the chairs look comfortable. (It also may look wonderful to another team, I really don’t know).

    The sliding door cabinet already looks a mess but is probably the only item here I believe will work.

    The lockers are a terrible idea for most people and are certainly not a viable replacement for pedestals, especially for anyone who does have a specific desk. This idea would be better with drawers but definitely not lockers where access to lower ones may be difficult and items can fall out when the door is open.

    Please keep looking at options.

    1. Hello PDK

      Thanks for your comments. I would like to help you and your team with this; however, I can’t help unless we discuss your needs in person so please do get in touch. I’m sure we can iron out any issues together.

      I’d also love to show you the chairs in real life so you can see exactly how comfortable these are. I know this as someone who often works in this office – the chairs are really great, better than others around the Uni. I can also put your fears at ease about the adjustable desks… they are very quiet and not at all distracting for the person on the other side. You could even work in the pilot office for an afternoon so you can give the chair, desk and locker a good test out yourself…

      Please do get in touch with me any time to discuss (in confidence if you want), my email is lfls@st-andrews.ac.uk.

      Kind regards
      Louise S – PSR Project Officer

    1. Hi Lucie, thank you for that thoughtful question, that’s a great one.
      There’s always high demand all over the University for furniture so I can assure you that nothing will be wasted. The Space Team are excellent at making the best use of our resources and always think sustainably. They also work with local charities to share any surplus-to-requirements furniture stock with local startups, homeless charities etc so nothing goes to waste around here.

  2. you say the chairs are comfortable but they look like they don’t have back adjustment as required by the university’s DSE safety training. will the staff have to sign a waiver to use these chairs? otherwise the University will be liable for claims for posture related strains.

    1. Hello John Biggles (any relation to Charlie Boggles?? Unusual names we have around here…)

      Thanks for sharing your issues. Hopefully I can set your mind at ease.

      We are working closely with our very own EHSS who are the experts in this area. Also, we will be purchasing the chairs within the APUC framework which doesn’t allow furniture suppliers to supply us with anything other than HSE accredited chairs. So no need to worry too much about litigation 🙂

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