PSR Forums 2019

We have officially launched our Forums for 2019 – with new themes, new clinics, and a new name.

Monday 28 January was the first session in what will be a busy year, with plenty of PSR-related information, updates and discussion to come.

In front of an audience of both PSR reps and service directors, the Quaestor delivered a project status update. As well as reiterating the greater context of strategic growth for the University, he also reminded us of the essential role the reps play in the success of this project.

The Quaestor announced that the Eden Campus building will be named after Walter Bower. (Read more about the thinking behind the name in In the Loop issue 333.)

We took the opportunity to update and refresh the terms of reference for the reps, making sure that everyone knows what’s coming up during 2019. The reps not only represent their colleagues at the Forum, they also allow everyone to make their voice heard on a number of topics and themes that affect our new workplace.

There’s a lot of ground to cover over the next year or so, and these are some of the themes we plan to cover at the upcoming forums:

  • Working paper‘less’ and Smart
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Environment and recycling
  • Building protocols and culture
  • Building resilience in times of change
  • Using the gym
  • Café and eating areas
  • Logistics of the move
  • Travel information
  • Introducing the building management teams

If you have questions, suggestions or thoughts on any of these topics, please do contact your unit rep(s) and let them know what you think. They can ask questions on your behalf or update you with the information they have learnt at the Forums.

But that’s not all. We’re also starting something new for 2019 – the PSR open clinics. These clinics are informal drop-in sessions open to all and are an opportunity to meet members of the project team and chat about any aspects of PSR you want to know more about. The schedule is on the website, please do come along if you have a question that you think isn’t answered on the FAQ page or by discussion with your rep.

So that’s it for now. I’m planning to write a blog post after every forum to keep you updated and will be adding lots of other PSR-related content to the website throughout the year, so keep checking In the Loop for the latest updates.

Until next time!

Your PSR Project Officer

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