Working paper‘less’ and Smart

Now that the Smart Working policy has officially launched, we thought it would be a good idea to spend some time at our February forum finding out a bit more about the tools available to help us work smart and paper-light.

CAPOD’s Sonny Evans provided an overview of Office 365 and how it can support communication between teams and Smart Working. Sonny covered:

  •         How to share documents and files easily and securely with the rest of your team
  •         How to collaborate with your team while creating and working on documents
  •         Using OneNote as an alternative to paper notes and all the extra benefits this can bring
  •         Showing your availability and location throughout Office 365

The Forum took a closer look at the newest app available to us here at the University: Microsoft Teams. Lewis Watson of IT Services talked us through the benefits of using Teams as part of our daily workflow and presented some helpful case studies.

A new PSR Forum Team has been set up this week and all reps have been added. This should help us keep up-to-date with the project as it progresses and give us a space to discuss and share ideas. But don’t forget that Teams is available for all staff to use. Get training and support on the website and download the client now from the Software Centre.

Finally, the reps took part in a paper use quiz – a bit of lighthearted fun also intended to spark some thought over our paper use here at the University. As we discovered, the number of pages completed on UniPrint devices for all Schools and Units was 5,577,687.

Yes, that’s a massive five million five hundred seventy-seven thousand six hundred and eighty-seven pages…

Ask your rep if you want to take the paper use quiz yourself and see where you are in the ‘paper addict’ scale.

So, in order to build on what we learnt this month, the reps’ post-forum tasks will be:

  1. Keep a diary of your working patterns for a week. Using the template provided, write down: what you’re doing, where you did it and how long you did it for. Once you have filled in this information, identify something that could be changed to help you embed Smart Working in your daily life.
  2. Identify an aspect of your unit’s work that is currently paper heavy and could be done in a paperless or paper‘less’ way.

Let your rep know if you have any thoughts or ideas about these topics.  

That’s it for February. Keep an eye on In The Loop for some new construction pics soon.

See you in March!

Louise Soutar
Professional Services Relocation Project Officer

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