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Our latest topic of conversation at the PSR Forum was sustainability and creating an eco-friendly campus. The reps asked their teams for ideas of how we could be as green as possible. We then discussed these ideas at the Forum and a few important themes emerged.

Here are a few that came up in our discussions:

  • Making sure we have plenty of easy to use recycling facilities
  • Improving the cycle route between Guardbridge and St Andrews
  • Encouraging colleagues to bring their own food to work with adequate facilities for heating and storing home cooked food
  • Building on the edible garden project and creating outdoor seating
  • Encouraging car sharing and making the policies around this as clear as possible
  • Using the bus for business travel (keep an eye out for more information on this soon!)

Another interesting theme that emerged was the role that Smart Working can play in creating a sustainable workplace.

Grouping meetings together to minimise travel, the availability of communications software such as Skype for Business, reducing printing where possible and allowing working from home days can all help to minimise our impact.

In related news, the tender process for the travel plan is now complete and I can announce that Peter Brett Associates (PBA) have been appointed to take forward this important piece of work. Our contacts from PBA will join us at the next session of the PSR Forum to introduce themselves to the reps. If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to add, please do pass them on to your unit rep(s).

Kind regards!

Louise Soutar
PSR Project Officer

3 thoughts on “Eco-friendly campus

  1. Concerning the proposal of: “Encouraging colleagues to bring their own food to work with adequate facilities for heating and storing home cooked food”. Why don’t we all just eat our lunch in front of our PC in our office, without any interaction with our colleagues; Great for health & well-being! Is that the reason why they closed the Gateway cafe on the North Haugh, to encourage us to bring our own healthy food to work?

    1. Hi Tanja, oh definitely not! 🙂 We’ll have a 70 cover cafe in Walter Bower House and also a large staff break-out room specifically designed for eating together with friends and colleagues. I’m sure there will be no shortage of lunchtime chat in WBH, whether you decide to buy from the cafe or bring your own home cooked lunch (as I often do).
      Can’t comment on the Gateway cafe though… before my time here I’m afraid 🙂

  2. Hi Louise, delighted to see the planned installation of solar permanent lighting which are of course Ero carbon, zero grid energy and no future bills to speak of. The perfect environmentally sustainable solution. It may be worthwhile considering these along the improved cycle route between St Andrews and Guardbridge or perhaps solar bollards may be an option. Just a thought.

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