Move batted into new year

Building works for Walter Bower House have been ongoing since September 2018. Staff were expected to start occupying the new space in December this year, however, a few structural issues and the need to protect a nesting bat in the building mean that the completion date has now been updated to early 2020, probably February 2020.

The need to protect the nesting bat meant that exclusion zones were set up around parts of the site, which had an impact on timescales. More significantly, the site team uncovered some unforeseen issues with the existing building structures which will take extra time to be rectified.

The combination of these issues has led the contractor to report a delay to the programme and they have now updated the completion date to February 2020. The Project Team are working with the contractors to see if we can improve on this date, but the full position will become clear in the next six to eight weeks as we move towards making the structures wind and watertight.

Professional Services Relocation Project Officer Louise Soutar said: “We’re particularly mindful that the Library’s refurbishment project is dependent on moving collections to the WBH library store so we’re working closely together to ensure there’s no impact on these plans.

“So what does this mean for staff due to relocate to WBH? Essentially, the only real change is that everyone will now relocate in early 2020. The Project Team will take the delay into account when planning our move schedules and we’ll start to communicate how this will happen when plans are firmed up.”

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