Get into the gym at WBH

This month, the Forum took a close look at the proposals for the Walter Bower House gym.

Allan Gartshore, Strength and Conditioning Manager at Saints Sport, talked us through the layout and equipment planned for the new gym. Using their considerable knowledge and experience in gym design, the Saints Sport team have put together a facility offering a good selection of popular equipment.

The equipment has been chosen to give users both strength and cardiovascular workout options and should offer something for both experienced gym users and newbies alike.

Here is a 3D model of the proposed gym at WBH, showing a bird’s-eye view of the layout and equipment:

And here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s on offer:


  1. 2 treadmills
  2. 1 elliptical cross trainer
  3. 1 recline running machine
  4. 1 ‘Skillrow’ rowing machine
  5. 2 indoor cycling bikes


  1. 1 dual adjustable pulley
  2. 1 ‘Plurima’ multigym training station
  3. 1 Multipower assisted strength workout/Smith machine
  4. 2 adjustable weight and workout benches
  5. Selection of chrome dumbbells and rack
  6. 4 stretch mats

If you’re more of a runner or a cyclist than a gym enthusiast, don’t worry. WBH will also have a changing room, lockers and showers available for use by all, plus a drying room for those sweaty clothes you may want to quarantine.

The proposed opening hours will likely be similar to the main Sports Centre (6.30am to 10pm) but we’ll keep the reps informed of any updates. You’ll need a Saints Sport membership to use the WBH gym which, of course, would give you access to all of the excellent facilities at the main Sports Centre as well.

So that’s a quick overview of what will be on offer at WBH. However, if you’d like to find out more about membership or the facilities offered by Saints Sport – or see the equipment in action before you join – drop into the Sports Centre to find out more.

That’s it for this month… have a great summer, however you plan to spend it!

Louise Soutar
PSR Project Officer



3 thoughts on “Get into the gym at WBH

  1. I don’t think this will be big enough for the number of staff moving out there. Will the membership cost remain the same? Will there be fitness classes on offer at Eden Campus.

    1. Hello, thanks for your questions.

      I’ve had a look at the numbers to see how busy the gym is likely to be at WBH. I estimate around 10% of staff have memberships at the moment, so the numbers do seem to be favourable. It’s also worth bearing in mind that many of those people will not be ‘gym users’ as such and will prefer to use their memberships for classes at the main sports centre only. Speaking to staff at Saints Sport, they think there will be busy points (after New Year for example, same as any other gym), but these do tend to die down through the year.

      The current plan is to keep the membership costs the same so that staff can benefit from membership of the main sports centre as well. Saints Sport are currently reviewing feedback on this so if there are any updates I’ll let everyone know.

      WBH will primarily be an office space rather than a specialist sports/fitness centre so we won’t have the specialist sprung studio flooring that would allow high-impact classes. We do have a break-out space that could potentially be used for yoga, t’ai chi and other low-impact classes, but that would depend on uptake 🙂

  2. If the offering will be reduced (i.e no immediate/easy access to gym classes, PT sessions, fewer machines) then the cost for the offering should also be reduced.

    Staff members who go to the gym consistently throughout the year and partake in gym classes will now have to go out of their way, wasting time, impacting on current schedules and increasing fuel cost. This change should be addressed and reflected in an appropriate price change for WBH staff.

    I imagine the gym would play a large part in the healthy wellbeing initiatives the University wants to support amongst its staff – but from a member of staff’s perspective, if you’re feeling like you’re getting ripped off, then what’s the point? How does the University expect staff to keep fit if it actively makes it harder for them to do so, yet charges them a premium to fail!?

    Office environments = sedentary environments. The University need to be doing everything it can to move away from that and support their staff’s wellbeing.

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