Café and comms for WBH

We dedicated August’s PSR Forum discussion to two important things – our café and comms.

After a quick construction update from Andy Walsh (latest site pics), Deborah Leitch from RBS came along to let us see the finalised design for the WBH café and to give us an idea of what plans she has for this space.

As a reminder, here’s the architect’s original visualisation of the café:


We’re conscious that the many eatery and coffee options within St Andrews will not be as easily accessible for those based in WBH. Due to this, RBS are keen to make the very most of the space and give the users of the WBH café access to as many tasty food and beverage options as possible.

Here’s a new visualisation of the finalised design for the counter area:

As you can see, this updates and changes the original design slightly to accommodate more options. The hot counter will include filled rolls and porridge in the morning and then hot snack pots and soups in the lunch service. The multideck fridges on the right-hand side of the image will include sandwiches, pasta pots, pasties and salads as well as fruits, yoghurts and other sweet treats along with varied drinks.

The area between the multideck fridges also now boasts an eco-friendly Brita Vivreau chilled still and sparkling water dispenser, helping us to move towards our goal of a plastic-free café. Another nice touch is the barista coffee machine which should give you your full barista-style caffeine hit without having to leave the building.

Deborah is always looking for new ways to make these café spaces as good as they can be. One of the new initiatives she is considering is whether to operate the WBH café as a cashless facility – so that would mean credit or debit card payment only. This would bring benefits such as decreased cash handling costs, increased security for café staff and faster payment at checkout, and would also help to fulfil the University’s vision to be as cash-free as possible.

However, the cashless café is still only a proposal and we’re interested to hear what you think. Drop me an email and I’ll make sure your feedback is heard.

The second main agenda item this month was project communication. All of the reps gave a quick update on how they are passing on information from the Forums plus any other new information or discussions taking place on our Teams group. The good news is that there’s clearly lots of communication happening out there and examples of good practice going on. There are reps using all-staff emails, local Teams groups, noticeboards and other methods of communication tailored to the unique needs of their units.

It’s important that you feel informed and comfortable with the levels and methods of communication, and that you know you can use your rep(s) as a way of feeding back and creating a two-way conversation with the project. If you have any thoughts or ideas for new communication initiatives within your team, get in touch with your rep to see how these could be taken forward.

Until next time!

Louise Soutar
PSR Project Officer

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