Support for Change

To help with the changes ahead, CAPOD have introduced a new support initiative called the Transition Pathway to help staff moving out to Eden Campus as well as around town.

Someone once said the only constant in life is change, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging. The opening of Walter Bower House next year will see many of us going through a period of change. In anticipation of this, CAPOD have done what they do best and launched an excellent new initiative: the Transition Pathway.

The Transition Pathway has five key themes:

  1. Wellbeing
  2. Smart Working
  3. Dynamic Teams
  4. Culture and Collaboration
  5. Transition and Beyond

The activities within these themes are designed to provide support for individuals and teams before, during and after the relocation to Walter Bower House. The programme is intended to be ‘mix-and-match’, allowing you to create your own pathway and engage with the activities you feel will benefit you most.

Some events are bookable by individuals; others can be provided for work teams on request. The events for individuals include six specially-designed resilience workshops, scheduled on the following dates:

Take a look at the Transition Pathway web page for a full overview of the programme.

Other Transition Pathway events are scheduled to take place before the end of November so please do check the website soon and make sure to sign up for any events that interest you.

As always, CAPOD is interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas. Email the team at and let them know what you think.

Louise Soutar
Project Officer (Professional Services Relocation)

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