Visual update for 2020

New year, new pics of Walter Bower House.

There’s lots of activity going on within the building, including the installation of glass partitions and the first look at our freshly-painted red columns…

Skylights have been installed on the ground floor

A bright and airy room on the ground floor

Glass being installed in the meeting rooms

Close up of a quiet room

View of the rafters and skylights within the first floor office area

More glass being installed within the first floor office area

Long view of the first floor office area

The toilets are being installed and waiting for doors to be hung

A tea prep area ready for kitchen installation

Columns are painted a vibrant red colour

Long view of the first floor office area with freshly painted red columns and meeting rooms to the left

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  1. If ‘In the Loop’ are going to link to this website in every issue could we please see new content uploaded more regularly. Otherwise can ‘In the Loop’ stop featuring this site as if it’s newsworthy.

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