Update on gym membership

You said – we did! So here’s a quick update for you on some plans we’ve made for the gym membership.

As you know, the gym at Walter Bower House (WBH) will be a well-provided but obviously much more compact facility than the main Sports Centre, with 12 pieces of equipment and various accessories available for use. I heard from a few of you that you had some concerns about the membership costs. You felt that the full membership price would be too much to pay for a smaller gym facility. Because we want to make sure this facility meets your needs, Saints Sport and I had a look at various options.

The main priorities were:

  • the avoidance of any undue administrative burden for Saints Sport
  • creating a fair pricing structure for the gym which would help to encourage staff to use the facility.

So, we propose the following membership structure. The information in black is the current price for full Fitness+ membership. The information in red is the proposed Eden Campus only membership.


Staff Membership Prices 19/20 Full Fitness+
(Main Sport Centre)
Eden Campus
Gym Only
One year £270


6 months £140


Salary deduct (monthly) £24


The idea is that staff members who are part of units that are fully or partially relocating to WBH can buy the Eden Campus only membership.

Reception staff at the main Sports Centre would ask a prospective member to confirm their unit name and check that the staff member is eligible for the discounted rate.

Simulation drawing of what a gym would look like

For the moment access to the WBH gym will be limited to those with the Eden Campus membership at the outset. Obviously we can keep a close eye on how often the gym is used by reviewing the card data and change this as necessary.

Those with full membership already (and who want to keep full membership) can have the Eden Campus membership added to their account if they are part of a unit that is fully or partially relocating. Current Sports Centre members can adjust their membership type, from ‘Full Fitness+’ to ‘Eden Campus Membership’ on their membership renewal date.

Eden Campus membership will be available to buy soon – I’ll let the reps know as soon as it’s available.

Happy exercising!

Louise Soutar
PSR Project Officer

10 thoughts on “Update on gym membership

  1. I find this confusing.

    I am a staff member with full gym membership who is not relocating but lives in Guardbridge. My husband also has full gym membership.
    Will we both be able to use the new gym at Eden Campus as well as continuing to use the sports centre?

    1. Hi Caroline, not at this point. We’re going offer staff from units at WBH a particular membership (see link at the top of the page for a list of which units that encompasses) and limit it to only those staff at the beginning. We can review this in future and use data to decide if we open the gym up to a wider user group.

  2. I’m so pleased about this – the availability of the gym is something I’m really looking forward to (even if it is a bit small) and I definitely wasn’t keen to pay the full cost for Saints Sport. £12 per month is much more reasonable, and I dare say will lead to it seeing more use!

  3. This is really positive Louise – thanks for taking the feedback on board! I’m much more likely to continue my gym membership now 🙂

  4. Why does the University not allow the staff of Walter Bower House free access to the Gym.
    In the present culture where fitness and nutrition are being pushed this would maybe encourage more people to try or take up physical fitness.
    In the private sector most companies that have a gym on site do this.

    1. Hi Ramsay, fair point, fitness is important. I think there’s a few reasons including raising income to support the equipment, infrastructure and pay staff. We also have to ask all gym users to undergo an induction to use the facilities and it’s easier to know who has completed that if you restrict access to members only. Hopefully the lower price point will encourage a few more users to give it a go.

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