On yer bike

Finance staff walked, cycled and bussed to Eden Campus on one of this summer’s hottest days and visited what will be the PSR building.

Ali McLeod from Transition spoke to the team about the various transport options available to staff between sites. Most people chose to walk, while quite a few took Ali up on his offer of e-bike induction and cycled out to the new campus. The options of electric cars, buses and shared cars were also discussed.

Staff were invited to take part in a travel evaluation, which showed that e-bikes were the quickest journey, taking 20 minutes, with car travel taking 15 to 30 mins, and walking about an hour.

Staff can now book a one-hour induction on the Go E-bikes using the PDMS system. The bikes are currently available to use and the next induction sessions will be on Thursday 16 and 30 August, and Thursday 6 September – from 12 mid-day to 1pm at The Gateway.

Demolition of blue building

Work got under way this week on the demolition of the ‘blue building’ at the old paper mill at Guardbridge which will become the new entrance to Eden Campus.

The work will see the building wrapped in plastic sheeting while it is demolished and the site cleared for the construction of a new public entrance, which will reconnect the community and the site for the first time in over 150 years.

About the Professional Services Relocation Project

The primary purpose of the Professional Services Relocation Project (PSR) is to create a single, modern, effective and efficient base for the majority of the University’s Professional Services.

In creating this single base, it is anticipated that traditional discipline and department silos will be softened, with colleagues moving to a one team approach.

This co-location will markedly improve the potential for strong communication and collaborative working, growing trust and confidence in colleagues enabling initiatives such as single University-wide record systems and a golden copy principle for the use and dissemination of data and information.

The new single location will be complemented by a Town Centre Hub focal point for interaction between town based staff and students as well as housing some Professional Services within St Andrews. This facility may link with or to high quality, more public spaces in which prospective students, visiting guests or parents can be welcomed.

Overall, this approach will release a significant amount of space in the Town Centre, currently used by Professional Services, for research and teaching to alleviate immediate and future space needs.  There will also be the opportunity to create new and imaginative spaces to support learning and study.

An ancillary benefit of moving staff to the Eden Campus will be the creation of a critical mass of activity on the site that will complement and support the wider development of the Campus as a centre of innovation, providing a bridge to connect academics with industry, to move ideas and know-how more quickly from the laboratory to the market in facilities that the University’s Town Centre asset base could not accommodate.

Derek Watson
Quaestor and Factor

Eden Campus plans approved

Councillors on Fife Council’s North-East Fife planning committee have unanimously approved the University’s planning application for the development of a purpose-built home for professional services at Eden Campus.
The decision will allow construction work to begin this summer with a view to beginning to move teams to Eden Campus in phases from the end of 2019.

Architect drawing of Eden Campus entrance

Quaestor Derek Watson said:

“This is great news. We are delighted that councillors have given the green light for our plans for Eden Campus.
“This is a major strategic move for the University which will provide an exceptional working environment for our staff, breathe new life in the local economy of Guardbridge and have a beneficial impact on the town of St Andrews freeing up space for research and teaching.”

University staff relocation plans submitted

Plans for a multi-million pound development which will see 400 University staff relocate from St Andrews to the Eden Campus at Guardbridge have been lodged with Fife Council.

In what is a major strategic move by the University, the former paper mill at Guardbridge will be transformed into a modern working environment for key professional staff.

The £20 million plan will involve the sensitive restoration and refurbishment of buildings to create state-of-the-art office space, storage for library stock, a canteen and associated parking and landscaping. A key part of the development will be a café which will be open to the public as well as University staff.

        Architect drawing of Eden Campus entrance

A new entrance to the Campus will be created to reconnect the community of Guardbridge to the site and make it accessible to the public for the first time in over 150 years.

‌The plans provide for a total office space capacity for 500. It is anticipated that around 100 jobs will be created during the two-year construction and fitting out phase.

The relocation of staff to Eden Campus will ease the pressure on office and parking space in St Andrews and release space in the town centre and North Haugh for teaching and research purposes.

University of St Andrews Quaestor and Factor Derek Watson said: “This is a major strategic move for the University which will provide an exceptional working environment for our staff, breathe new life in the local economy of Guardbridge and have a beneficial impact on the town of St Andrews.

“We are committed to rejuvenating the former paper mill site and the development will result in the reuse of existing buildings, introduce a modern yet sympathetic new entrance into the site, and foster a sense of vibrancy and vitality.”

North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie said: “The relocation of staff to the Eden Campus shows a commitment by the University to St Andrews and the local community. This will be a huge boost for Guardbridge and create opportunities for local businesses as well as having the potential to free up space and ease congestion in St Andrews.”

North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins said: “This investment is hugely significant and another indication of just how committed the University is to creating a centre of excellence at the former paper mill site. The biomass energy centre, on the eastern side, has already attracted sustainability awards and these ambitious plans for Eden Campus will further regenerate another derelict area, attracting inward investment and offering huge opportunities for education, research and development.

“The relocation of 400 staff from the centre of St Andrews will also, I hope, bring significant benefits for the community and the local economy and I very much welcome the fact some areas like the café will be publicly accessible, creating greater links between the community and the University.”

The relocation of University staff to Eden Campus is due to begin in phases from the end of 2019.