Q: Is there space in the plans which allows for increase in staff numbers or expansion of units?
A: There is capacity within the current space plans to allow for departmental growth.

Q: Why don’t small units have a space allocated on the plans? It looks like they are merged with other small units.
A: Service Directors have had the opportunity to influence the location of their departments. We are now exploring zoning the office accommodation to create ‘neighbourhoods’ supporting functional workstreams.

Q: What about issues relating to confidentiality for units sitting next to each other? 
A: The issue of interdepartmental confidentiality is something that will be addressed as part of the protocols and working practices that will be defined.

Q: How will the temperature and the ventilation in the building be controlled?
A: The design indicates a full mechanically controlled ventilation system, but we would ask the architects to provide more detail on this during their session.

Q: What will the noise level of the biomass plant be?
A: Particular care has been taken over noise levels on the site from the biomass boiler and chipping operations. The boiler flue has an additional sound attenuator fitted and we are effectively treating the new office building as if it were residential to ensure that noise levels will be satisfactory. The background noise from the road will probably be louder.


Q: What about those who do not drive and face a longer and more expensive commute to work?
A: We have tested a solution that will allow staff to use their staff card on buses. We are now in discussions with Stagecoach to try to agree an arrangement for bus travel.
Analysis of staff commuting routes illustrate that 60% of staff will have a shorter commute to work. 
Travel consultants have also been engaged to work on a travel plan for the University.

Q: Is there enough parking for all staff at Eden Campus?
A: There will be a minimum of 223 parking spaces as per planning guidelines.

Q: Is there a formalised policy on the management of car share and will they get priority parking?
A: Car share is being facilitated by the promotion and development of the Universities liftshare.com website and app. This allows staff to easily find and track car share partners.

Q: What about the longer commute to drop children off at nursery in St Andrews and then travel back to Eden Campus?
A: We have been talking about agile/smart working from the outset. It is recognised and has been acknowledged that the relocation of office base will impact on people’s arrangements for issues such as childcare. Managers will be expected to be flexible to accommodate such requirements and to agree such changes to work patterns to ensure that the impact can be managed and mitigated.

Q: Will there be bike racks and a drying room?
A: Yes, these will be provided.


Q: Will there be a gym on site at Eden Campus, with space for fitness classes?
A: The design of the building includes a gym. Staff will be required to join Saints Sport in order to use the facility.
Showers and lockers are available adjacent to the space identified for the gym.
There is insufficient space to provide a dedicated room for fitness classes. These can still be accessed at the main Sports Centre. It may be possible to book out the larger meeting spaces in the building for low impact classes.

Q: Will there be lockers at each workstation for valuables?
A: Each user will have a lockable storage unit.

Q: Will there be additional social spaces as well as a gym?
A: A staff breakout room and cafe will be available as a social space.
Other bookable spaces may be available for social space, subject to the protocols and practices to be agreed.

Q: What facilities will the kitchen and food prep areas have?
A: The main staff breakout room will be fitted with microwaves and fridges. The tea preps in the open plan central spine will provide hot and cold water only.

Q: Will the toilets be gender neutral?
A: All toilets will be gender neutral comprising self-contained cubicles each with a toilet, basin, mirror and floor to ceiling walls.


Q: How will the practicalities of the move be managed, such as moving data points, telephones and IT equipment?
A: This will be managed and delivered by an external specialist firm.

Q: If units at Eden Campus are expected to use Office 365, Outlook and Skype, will colleagues in the St Andrews Campus use the same?
A: The tools in Office 365, including Outlook and Skype for Business, are available to all University staff. Everyone is encouraged to explore and use these tools to communicate effectively with colleagues. As this will be especially important when units move to Eden Campus, a subgroup of the Professional Services Relocation Working Group is specifically looking at the use of technology to enhance communication between sites. Training is available to make sure everyone can take advantage of this technology.

Q: Will there be rules around eating away from desks, and will there be enough space for staff to eat in the social spaces?
A: Discussing and agreeing ‘protocols’ is a standard part of relocation processes such as this, and is something that has been referred to from the first staff forum meeting. What does and does not need to be included in this discussion, and what will be covered in policy rather than agreed protocols, also needs to be determined. The main principle will be not to have too much in the way of ‘policy’ but it is still too early to begin the detailed discussions on this.
There will be considerable space for eating away from desks, some of which will be in common and social areas.

Q: Will there be height adjustable desks for all staff at Eden Campus?
A: We are exploring a range of different work space options to support agile and healthy working practices. These will include fixed desks, standing height desks, breakout spaces, hot desk areas, informal work spaces and quiet areas/rooms.

Q: What is the policy on units purchasing office equipment where recommended by EHSS?
A: New furniture and equipment purchases should be avoided where possible at this time. Estates Space Planning hold a stock of spare desks for re-use.
Equipment for Eden Campus will be purchased as part of the project.