Who’s going?

The relocation to Eden Campus creates an opportunity to develop a modern, effective and attractive base for Professional Services.

We are planning to create a range of spaces that colleagues will enjoy working in, with different workstations and settings to use, depending on the nature of activities that are being taken forward, from single quiet working spaces to group areas.  We expect that the reach of this development will cover all of the professional services, fostering better joint working and encouraging a more imaginative use of space.

The ultimate destination for colleagues will be driven by the nature of work being undertaken and the relationship with other colleagues when doing this work.  Certain units however, will retain a focus in St Andrews, where their primary focus is on supporting students, schools and specialist facilities on a day to day basis, such as the Chaplaincy, Careers, Student Services, Saints Sport, Music, Museum & Galleries, the Byre and the Principal’s Office.

Some units will have a split focus such as Estates, where the majority of staff will remain servicing buildings in St Andrews, but where administration and management will benefit from the new accommodation. Other such units will include the Library, Development, Residential & Business Services, CAPOD, Admissions and Corporate Communications.

The remainder of the units will substantially move all of their operations to the Eden Campus, but they will require access to touchdown or meeting space in St Andrews when this is the best place to work or meet.  These other units will include Registry, Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety Services, Research and Innovation Services, Planning, IT Services, Business Transformation.